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Behzad Ghavami

Attorney at Law and Legal Consultant

Consultant of International Trade Law

1-    B.A in Law from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran (Top-rated Graduate in 1999)
2-    M. A in Private Law from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran (Seventh Position among Graduates in 2001).
3-    PhD Student of Private Law in Mazandaran University (Specialty of International Business Law).

B-Professional Experience (Past and Present)
1-    Top-level Attorney at Law in Tehran City (Seventh Position in Lawyering License Test)
2-    Head of Secretariat  in Judgment Center of Tehran Bar Association
3-    Prosecutor  of Military Court in Tehran Bar Association
4-    Member of Judgment Committee of Tehran Bar Association
5-    Member of Dispute Settlement Panel of Department of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare of Tehran
6-    Legal Member of Legal Council, Ministry of Roads and City Planning and its subordinate entities (including general law managers of Ministry of Roads and City Planning, Ports and Maritime Organization, Railway Company, National Airline Company, National Airports Company , National Transportation Infrastructure Development Company, Transportation and Terminals Organization, Raja Company).
7-    Qualified by legal vice-president and assignment as consultant

C-Educational Experience
1-    General Director of Misagh-Edalat Press (Publisher of Specialized Legal Books)
2-    Lecturer of Islamic Azad University
3-    Lecturer in University of Applied Science and Technology
4-    Lecturer of Science and Culture University

D-Consultation Contracts (Past and Present)
1-    Legal Consultants of General Director of Dispute Settlement of Executive Entities, Legal Vice-presidency
2-    Legal Consultant of General Legal Director, Ministry of Roads and City Planning
3-    Legal Consultant of General Legal Director, National Land and Housing Organization
4-    Legal Consultant of Secretariat of Free Commercial-Industrial Zone and Special Economic Zones
5-    Legal Consultant of CEO, Investment Guarantee Fund for Small Industries (Subordinate Entity of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade)
6-    Legal Consultant, Iranian Guarantee Fund for Exports (Subordinate Entity of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade )
7-    Legal Consultant of CEO of Touring & Automobile Club of Islamic Republic of Iran (Subordinate Entity of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization)
8-    Legal Legal Consultant for CEO of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Company (Public Held Co(
9-    Legal Consultant, Asia Insurance Company
10-    Consultant of Legal Affairs Manager, Ayande Bank

E-Instances of Finalized Cases
1-    15 Years of Experience as Attorney at Law and Acting as Lawyer in the following Cases:
-First Vice-President of Presidential Cabinet
-Office Head of Presidential Cabinet
-Legal Vice-President of Presidential Cabinet
-Executive Vice-President of Presidential Cabinet
-Vice-President in Presidential Cabinet and Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
-A case on Iran raised in Hague Court of Arbitration

F-Instances of Finalized Contracts
About 13 Years of Experience in Setting up International Contracts for Ministries and Governmental and Private Entities such as:
-    BOT Contract for Construction of an International Hotel in Belarus
-    ECP Contract for Construction of Meeting Hall for Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement
-    BOT Contract for Railway Construction
-    Representation Contract for Global Europecar Company
-    International Contract for Purchase of Locomotive Pieces
-    International Contract for Renting Cars, Siemens Company


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